Mia Casa also aims to showcase the original work of artists.

Have been exhibited at the house:

Bogdan Korczowski

While Arles' "Rencontres" of photography propose a "Film photography trail" examining some of the processes that preceded digital photography, the artist, a renowned painter and photographer, presents extracts of its "Fototeka" : Polaroids capturing the female body in erotic poses, scattered over small paintings that, as a whole, form a mural. A work that fuels the opposition between abstraction and figuration, and stimulates the reflection on subjectivity in the interpretation of a work of art.


Matthew Ford

Echoing Arles' "Rencontres" of photography "Rock" trail, here are snapshots from a Rolling Stones concert. Advertising campaigns, reportages for major international titles, but also personal work combining composition, light and moment with an understanding of its subject : this eclectic photographer has been exploring his medium for the last 30 years and surely deserves an exhibition.


Tomasz Matkowski

Novelist and photographer Matkowski exhibits a series of photographs entitled "Wonderland", where night and the absence of focus put us in a vibrant anonymity, conducive to fantasy. The visual work renders palpable the author's excitement upon his discovery of the place. And to highlight the beautiful, but also to cultivate anxiety, and therefore ambiguity: probably one of the keys to the emotional charge of these photographs.


Stephen Burrows

Immerse yourself in a unique film noir atmosphere inviting a rediscovery of Paris. Dramatic skies and strong contrasts - through an emphasis on geometric shapes and true black – set the scene for a perfect crime. But what happens is a rather magical experience, where seemingly lifeless elements, such as monuments, frescoes and statues start to have an existence of their own. Witness the irony of the scenes caught on camera, and enjoy the mixture of darkness and zest, which unusually brings Paris to life and grants Burrows’ work its distinct originality.


Anthony Epes

American photographer Anthony Epes brings drama to the otherwise sometimes manicured English landscape. His images are developed through a dual film process, which he evolved in order to get a sense of 'hyper reality' and gives to his photography a surreal look, that of the 'magic hour', with seemingly still life elements such as trees and forest suddenly gaining a sense of almost human existence.


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